10 Outdoor Clothing Items To Keep You Warm

10 Outdoor Clothing Items To Keep You Warm

If you are planning to take part in some outdoor sports or activities, like shooting and fishing, then staying warm is probably your primary concern. Here are 10 items to help you enjoy the time you spend outdoors.

1. Wellington boots – whatever your outdoor activity, be it fishing or shooting, you’re going to need to keep your feet warm and dry for the duration of the day. A good pair of wellington boots will do just that.

2. Trousers – It’s also vital that you keep warm, so investing in a durable pair of trousers – such as Musto Tweed – should do the trick.

3. Jackets – Waterproof clothing, including jackets, are vital for staying dry, so make sure you invest in quality.

4. Vests – Extra layers are always important when taking part in an outdoor activity, so a good vest will help keep you adequately heated for all conditions you’ll face.

5. Gloves – Your hands are likely to feel the cold as much as anywhere else and if they’re required to perform during your activity – such as in shooting or fishing – then a tough pair of gloves will help.

6. Hats – As we all know, heat is lost through the head, so keeping it warm during winter means wearing a sensible hat.

7. Socks – Cold feet while fishing or shooting will only serve to ruin your enjoyment of the day. A durable and warm-wearing pair of outdoor socks should be perfect.

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8. Thermals – Likewise, don’t forget to order yourself some thermals to ensure your toasty from your base layer through to your outer layers.

9. Ear muffs – If your hat doesn’t cover them, a good pair of ear muffs will be required. If you’re shooting ear protection will be important to minimise the loud noises.

10. Fleeces – The fleece is a staple of every good outdoor outfit, as it provides some extra warmth in keeping out the cold.

If you need Wellington boots, Musto tweed or any other kind of outdoor clothing, make sure you find a supplier that can help find the quality items you need.