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Companies Casual Dress Code

Companies casual dress code relaxing the dress code at an office usually means that people can wear more comfortable t shirts and polos. Employees are more comfortable because they can wear more comfortable clothing. They will also save time in the morning as they will not need to choose a heavy suit to wear. Instead they choose something casual like a t shirt and head off to work Business Casual Dress Code Examples.

Benefits of a Companies Casual Dress Code

Companies casual dress code have adopted a much more casual approach to their office dress code and this has replaced the normal power suits and striped ties of years ago. A casual dress code provides advantages for the employee as well as the business for which they are working.

Casual dress has become more popular at work for multiple reasons:

1.Switching to work appropriate t shirts and polo shirts can still have a crisp look and this mode of dress does not detract from the serious work of the companies casual dress code in the office. These types of shirts are made to look a little more “formal” and presentable while remaining comfortable wear for a long day at the office. They can also look a little more dressed up depending on the situation. The polo shirt is the style most often adopted by those in the work place.

2. There are multiple options available in these styles of casual t shirt. You can order up shirts tailor made to suit whatever your specific need might be. Traditional offices often find people wearing polos which are easy to pick up at an department store. In some cases, work may take you outside of an office and in this case you are often given the opportunity to choose whatever kind of casual shirt suits you provided you have minimum protections from any sort of on the job accident that could occur.

3. Those that work in restaurants and hospitality can often get a uniform shirt which is usually a t shirt or polo that features the restaurant’s or parent company’s logo.

4. Casual dress enable people to be more comfortable while they are on the job. This type of casual dress environment can increase morale, performance and productivity with all employees.

5. A formal wardrobe for work can cost a lot of cash, but a more casual dress code can be a more affordable choice for all of the workforce. This saves money for everyone all the way around. And a casual dress code opens up your work wardrobe to your every day life, as well, making it that much more of an economical choice.…

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Classic Minimal Style: How Minimalism Can Liberate Your Life

Classic Minimal Style

In recent months, I’ve been thinking a lot about the lessons of classic minimal style and the concept of travel fashion. I had been learning bits and pieces through research and reading of other peoples’ thoughts on minimalism over the last few months, but as the light grew brighter, personal experience finally made me realize how liberating being a minimalist can be.

Classic Minimal Style for traveling

I spent a week with my two best friends traveling in a small Subaru hatchback, covering 1,200 miles of open road, starting in Georgia, circling the southeast, up the coast of the Atlantic, and finally ending with a long journey back to Tennessee. It was a wonderful experience, but with three of us living out of such a small car, I needed to think minimalism when I was packing  Classy Casual Outfits For Guys.

Small Duffel Bag

To my surprise, it was one of the most liberating tasks I’ve recently taken on. With only a small duffel bag and a purse, I could only bring a limited amount of clothing, as well as one comfortable pair of shoes that would match everything.

Before I left, it worried me a little that I would get bored with what I had brought, want something else instead, or be tempted to wander into the closest mall to expand my vacation wardrobe.

To my delight, the opposite happened. I knew my options were limited, and I would have no opportunity to do laundry, so I never put much thought into what I was wearing each day. Getting ready for the concerts we saw or going out to dinner took no time at all, and the minutes I spent in front of a mirror debating the social acceptability of my attire disintegrated. By the time we would leave our hotel rooms and venture into the cities of the south, I felt more confident engaging with new people, expressing myself through personality and positive energy instead of the material that covered my body.

The experience had me thinking about minimalism in everyday life. What if I could harbor this feeling of liberation beyond the trip through becoming a minimalist? I recently donated nearly a quarter of my belongings to the Arc, including old clothes and shoes that I no longer had the desire to wear. With fewer clothes filling my wardrobe, I’ve found my mental energy can be focused on other things – learning, working, spreading the message of ethical fashion, music, reading, writing, spending quality time with friends… and the list goes on.…