Building Your Closet

Building Your Closet

You need to start somewhere. It can be a complicated process, but once you have a foundation, the possibilities are endless. The simple fact is that you don’t necessarily need a lot of clothes to create a lot of outfits. When you consider styling yourself, think of layering a cake, first you need some groundwork, create some tiers following a basic overall theme, and then create the finishing touches with a little decorating.

Your Base

The majority of your closet should consist of “basics” or any item of clothing that is simple, plain and versatile. Basic clothing can be anything from beige, black and white solid pieces that are not serving as the point of focus in your outfit. Other neutral pieces can include light or faded colors, nothing too attention grabbing. Jeans can even be considered pretty basic. These items are what you use foundationally to build your look. You might need them for layering purposes or to offset a patterned piece. For instance a neutral colored tank top could easily be worn along side any printed bottoms, helping to complement the overall look while also serving as a layered undershirt for an outfit that included a revealing blouse.

Underwear is also a great, underrated category of basics. Wearing the right kind of underwear, bras included, can help you too look more polished. For this reason, they are essential. Panty lines can disappear with laces bands and convertible bras can adjust to strapless, one-shoulder and racer-back tops.

Layering and Statement Pieces

Once you have your basics you can start adding flashier pieces to your wardrobe. It’s easy to get overly excited about these sorts of items when you go out shopping. These items are usually the ones that can inspire an entire outfit. However, using your basics to accompany a statement piece can result in a variety of different outfits. For instance a trendy, patterned top matched with cut off shorts and sandals, suggests a casual vibe, whereas the same blouse worn with jeans and a pair of matching high heels can be appropriate for something like a date.

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Jackets and cardigans are great for layering outfits, which can completely change the look of an outfit. Belts and scarves also serve a great purpose here. Really, anything that can be layered over another item of clothing on your body can significantly change your look.


Jewelry is an age-old tradition in accessorizing. The jewelry you wear, whatever it may be, can give your entire ensemble a theme. If you are particular about your style, you may want to stick to pieces that really define the look your going for. If you are more adventurous and enjoy playing up a variety of styles, than you might be more inclined to splurge on this area of your wardrobe. For myself, as someone who wears glasses, I’ve always considered my eyewear to be a busy accessory taking up most of the real estate on my upper body. For this fact, I almost never wear necklaces or earrings. However, I do have fun wearing bangles and rings to accent the look of my outfits.