Introduction of Clothing Company Trading Policy

Introduction of Clothing Company

Promotional Introduction of Clothing Company

To learn more about how you can introduce ethical trading to your introduction of clothing company take a look at organisations such as the Ethical Trading Initiative -ETI or the Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange-SEDEX. Both of these excellent organisations will give you lots of assistance and details about how to take the next stage to trading ethically Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers.

5 Reasons For a Promotional Introduction of Clothing Company

1. Pressure from their customers who may be the end users of a product or the next link in their supply chain. More and more organisations that include some of the world’s largest organisations are driving Ethical Trading and transparency up and down their supply chains by insisting that their suppliers not just trade ethically but can prove that they do so.

2. A desire to be leaders in their own sector of business is an aim of many companies both large and small who want to be seen as trailblazers. It demonstrates to their clients that they are forward thinking and progressive. Ethical trading is still only incorporated into a tiny fraction of most corporations globally so there are excellent opportunities for a Introduction of clothing company that wants to stand out from the crowd by taking a lead.

3. Respect and consideration for those in their supply chain is essential for any procurement team that are looking for a long term, beneficial partnership with their suppliers and end users. No buyer or client wants to know that the great prices they are paying for goods and services are dependent upon slave or prison labour, low wages or poor working conditions. Every corporation should be looking to hire the best procurement staff available and those corporations that procure unethically cannot hope to retain good staff.

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4. The need to keep up with what their competitors are doing in all areas of business is vitally important for any company if their competitive edge is not to be eroded. If one company in any sector is seen to be ahead of the market in any area of business from marketing, product development or corporate social responsibility then this makes them stand out from the crowd.

5. A fear of negative publicity involving their supply chain as a result of news articles relating to how their products are manufactured in terms of child labour, poor conditions, wages etc.

Whether the initial reason for taking the decision to commit to ethical trading is a cynical marketing ploy or a genuine desire to improve how a company does business the decision invariably results in a great deal of poIntroduction of clothing company sitive feedback from all those concerned in the process.