Memory Quilts – Ideas For Reusing Kids Clothing

Memory Quilts – Ideas For Reusing Kids Clothing

When it comes to the point that you realize your children are growing up faster than you ever thought possible you will start to find ways to hold on to parts of their childhood. A fun and easy way to do this is to create a memory quilt using their old clothing that they have outgrown.

Baby Clothes

During the first few years children go through so many outfits that it can be extremely disappointing, considering the amount of money spent. You also spend so much time picking out all of these cute outfits and they hardly had a chance to wear them. The ones that you do not want to pass on or keep for future children you can use to create a baby quilt. This baby quilt will be a great memory for yourself as your children grow older, and it could be something they cherish when they become adults themselves. Many have cute sayings on them like “Daddy’s Princess” which would make a great addition or center area of the quilt.

Growing Up Quilt

Another way of going about the quilt is to keep pieces of outfits as they go through all of their years. You can either sew the quilt piece by piece as you get scraps of their clothing, or you can keep all of the pieces in a box to assemble at a later date. When creating one of these quilts aim for a piece of clothing from each year or special moment in their life. They may not let you cut a chunk out of their prom dress, but the old soccer jersey they wore in junior high would definitely be up for grabs.

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Children’s clothing are much more than just fabric; they carry on the emotions and memories from those moments in both of your lives.