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An Abridged Look at Production in the Indonesia Garment Industry

If you have a passion for the Indonesia garment industry as a segment of the business landscape, the challenge and rewards are there. As a business possibility, the garment business is rather broad. One has to make a decision early on as to what segment of the industry he should take on. There is this long stretch of varied activities in the industry from a plain home-based one-machine operator to a full-blown retailer you would find in shopping malls. Very simply, one may reduce the segmentation to principal activities like production or retailing Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

Indonesia Garment Industry

Once a decision has been reached to entertain production as the main sphere of business activity, attention needs to focus on looking for a low-cost production site making sure that the flow of materials to the site is unimpeded. Next would be the initial machinery to have. Considering that the cost of a sewing machine is relatively affordable, the choice may not be that difficult.

A good place to start would be to talk to some garment-making operators in the same area for idle sewing machines that could be bought rather cheaply. You can also benefit from these operators’ experience if they would share with you certain trade secrets to improve your chances of success. If needed, there are always traders of used equipment that would be more than happy to service your needs. This could be from the machines to the needles and threads and other things in between.

Quality Production

After the production site and indonesia garment industry, the next area of focus is your staffing. A lot of times, workers would come to you with ample experience so that the time you would need to train them would better be used to address the issue of quality production. A lot of times workers would apply claiming that they are very experienced and have always produced quality products. Be forewarned not to take their claim as the truth. Always reserve the final judgment about their professional skills. Even when you feel that you have hired all the seamstresses you would need, always have extra workers you can call on when the volume suddenly rises as they do from time to time.

uality checking is a necessity in the production Indonesia garment industry. Always do a random check before your workers get too far ahead with bad production.
Just as soon as your production staff completes the order, if there is nothing against early shipment, endeavor to get the order off your premises to free your space for more orders. Early delivery also creates a very positive impression with your customers for repeat business.…