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Connecting Lady Fashion Style with Luxury

Lady Fashion StyleWhat’s on your agenda today? Looking to lady fashion style yourself up or simplify your life? Whatever your to-do list, Tag Heuer has a watch to make you look great.

Lady Fashion Style

At last! A brand that realizes that women are not cookie-cutter replicas of each other! Just as each woman has her own style, her dress and accessories should mirror that inner beauty of her own. Thankfully, Tag Heuer’s Lady Link line links up the ladies with their best traits. So what’s your best trait? Your seductive edge? Your sophisticated polish? Or maybe your simple style highlights the best parts of you? Whatever your personality, Tag Heuer has a watch crafted to key into your very best traits Women’S Business Casual Clothing Stores


The dazzling diamonds set around the bezel are sure to entrance. Combine the strength of the stainless steel bracelet with the shimmery silver dial and you’ve a match made in heaven. Bright enough to draw interest, the “S-shape” guilloche pattern will tease the eye with the shimmery lines. The invisible butterfly pattern will have others wondering what exactly makes you tic.

Style Women

For the woman who doesn’t let her work get in the way of having a bit of fun, the style version of this watch combines the glam of the diamonds set into the bezel with the easy readability of the roman numerals set into the bezel. The powder rose iridescent mother-of-pearl dial adds a soft glow that reflects off the stainless steel bracelet. Simple to read, yet pretty to look at; it’s the best of both worlds, making it fun to be on time.


The design alone of the Tag Heuer line is enough to cause a stir-and an intelligent woman knows that some of the best pieces are the simplest, yet most elegant designs. Combine the classic lines of the roman numeral indexes with the gentle curves on the dial and bracelet pieces and this timepiece speaks for itself.


Want to feel like royalty? The deep purple dial of the sophisticated timepiece takes the rich colors-associated with royalty during Roman times-and matches its splendor with a rose gold case. The roman numerals on the bezel add a classic charm to this piece and the eleven diamonds surrounding the bezel add a glow to the piece.
Simple, sophisticated, stylish, and seductive, Tag Heuer’s Link Lady Line ties the best part of a woman’s personality with the highlights of the Swiss watch designer’s abilities.…