Which Ring Types Look Best in 2021?

Congratulations, babe! You’re getting married. Or you will be. You’ve had the big talk with your special someone and you are basically engaged-to-be-engaged now, right?

Whether you need a ring for your engagement, wedding, or a simple gift between partners, there are many 2021 ring trends to find something for everyone.

With so many different ring types on the market, how to choose a ring type is a big question. Read on for the latest jewelry trends and what kind will look best on your hand.

Styles for You

Different styles of rings are complementary to different hands. If you have shorter fingers, you might look for a ring that visually extends the look of your fingers like an oval or marquise cut stone

For longer fingers, thicker settings such as a larger center stone with smaller side stones look elegant. Stackable bands are also a great option for thinner fingers.

Classic styles like square-cut and round diamond solitaires are flattering one everyone and impart a timeless style to your jewelry.

Halo Style Bridal Jewelry

Reigning supreme amongst the engagement/wedding sets over the last decade, the halo style ring is still in, no doubt influence by Princess Kate’s beautiful sapphire and diamond halo ring.

This style adds size and sparkle for a slightly lower price point.

Halo style rings with diamonds as the center stone or other precious stones are still holding strong in popularity. Mix and match white, yellow, or rose gold settings to create a look that is uniquely yours.

Sterling Silver Accessories

Sterling silver accessory rings are in, with stylish “tree of life” designs or simple silver bands. Stackable rings are also popular, allowing you to choose several thin, pretty rings to wear all at once.

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Say it with words when you find a Dreamland Jewelry ring like their band etched with “Always Sisters” or “I Love You to the Moon and Back.”

Traveling and don’t want to bring your expensive bridal jewelry to the beach or hiking? Tag in a sterling silver and cubic zirconia dupe to stay in style without risking your precious pieces.

Colorful stones

While diamonds are a classic, go-with-anything look, other precious stones are starting to demand the spotlight.

Feeling blue? Bring a sapphire, aquamarine, or tourmaline ring into your life.

Green with envy? Emeralds are right up your alley.

Precious and semi-precious stones are being set in more fashionable settings to modernize their look. Get the same style of the best ring fashion on offer with a colorful stone.

Choose the Ring Types That Are Right For you

Whether you are purchasing an engagement ring or simply a ring for a gift, don’t let advertising talk you into an expensive look that you’re not that interested in wearing. 2021 has many ring types among the latest jewelry trends.

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